A manufacturing policy with a low environmental impact.

How we work

We customize cookware for medium and large retail, making each product one of a kind and reducing environmental impact through renewable energy, recycled materials, manufacturing waste minimisation and use of eco-friendly packaging. Because sustainability goes hand in hand with quality


An optimised production process

Decades of experience.
Desire to innovate.
Precision manufacturing.
Certified raw material suppliers.
Eco-sustainable packaging where possible.
Timely delivery.

Quality is not a coincidence

Our products are the result of careful research and everyday improvements. Our workshops guarantee high quality standards by checking every batches.

  • Abrasion testing
  • Cross-hatch testing
  • Non-stick testing
  • Dishwasher testing

We translate mindfulness of environmental issues into practical policies: our facilities operate on self-produced energy from photovoltaic systems, our cookware is PFOA-free, and we use recycled aluminium 3105 and 99.5% pure aluminium. We reduce plastics, prioritising the use of recycled cardboard instead. Our waste disposal process complies with current legislations.

Some of our products

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